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WODing For Freels – July 12th

Our friend and fellow CrossFitter, Danielle Freels, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2013. Her journey has included two breast lumpectomy procedures, a recent double mastectomy, and a chemotherapy treatment regimen that will begin this July. She continues to inspire us with her tremendous courage and strength, similar to how she approaches WODs. In [...]

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Paleo Egg Bake Recipe

Many of you have been meeting with me for nutrition consults and have been told to “give up the toast” or “give up the cereal” or “give up the protein bar” for breakfast. To replace these nutrition deficient breakfasts with a more healthy and CrossFit compliant meal, I suggest making EGG BAKE on Sunday for [...]

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Hyrdration: Improved Movement, Performance, and Recovery

Intro With the hot summer months rapidly approaching (finally!), it is important to talk a little bit about hydration.  Often times as CrossFitters, our two main concerns are 1) the workouts and 2) our nutrition, in terms of our diet.  But staying hydrated is just as crucial, and if the body does not have sufficient water [...]

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